Little Retail Experiences

The local bookstore, The Grumpy Swimmer, knows how to entice little readers.


Create an area dedicated to reading, themed like a forest: with a tepee (what child, or even adult, doesn’t like to hangout in a hideout); a comfy bear cushion; tree trunk stools; a wood basket; green grass and climbing vines. The little experience is a story in itself.

Thoughtful touches can transform retail experiences, making it a more enjoyable and engaging place to shop and browse. When you enter a store it can be pretty overwhelming, being surrounded by an abundance of choices. Having a place to pause and appreciate what’s around you, has to be a winner for both the buyer and the owner.

While online shopping is convenient, sometimes you just can’t beat the experience of going into a store.

Yes, I did enter the tepee, yes my daughter had a tantrum when we had to leave, and yes, we’ve been back many times since for camping, stories, books and tantrums.

People go back for little experiences.

Image: Rochelle Martyn

Art Inspires Storytelling

In her recent TED Talk, creative writer Tracy Chevalier describes how she selects and analyses paintings, asking herself questions and using intuition to imagine a story behind the art. Her best selling novel Girl with a Pearl Earring (also made into a movie) was inspired by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s masterworks Girl with a Pearl Earring.

ImagePeople love a good story. Chevalier believes it’s “within our DNA” and that stories help us make sense of the world. Some of the most loved art is a mystery and leaves room for people to create their own story.

Not everything has to be explained or literally translated for us. Leaving space for a little imagination gives people the chance to connect, create and conclude for themselves.