Something Wonderful


The amble back from the post office today was like no other hugging this beauty.

Oh Seth, you’ve done it again. Shipped something wonderful. A waft of fresh ink, a weight of wise words (all 17 pounds), an abundance of powerful visuals, a heart thumping with delight… I shall begin to devour this magnificent titan of a book.

Thank you Seth Godin.

Follow or Lead?

Today’s mass market mentality is limiting creativity. Where’s the emotional connection or distinctive personality in a mass of sameness? Everyone wants to appeal to everyone and as a result we’re experiencing a repetitive shower of mediocrity.

Hugh MacLeod has recently launched four new prints (below) based on Linchpin the top selling book by Seth Godin that focuses on releasing the potential of individuals to make a huge difference. Neither of these guys appeal to everyone, but they’re brilliant for ploughing emotion into their work and standing up for their beliefs – and their fans can’t get enough.


Encouraging creativity and leadership that makes a difference requires removing the constraints of conformity and breaking free from comfort and familiarity. Often people are so obsessed with looking sideways at the competition they block themselves from seeing the value of disruptive creative possibilities. It’s this prevailing human preference for comfort rather than accepting responsibility for the unknown that’s limiting the power of true creativity.

Which way do you want to go? Would you rather be comfortable and blend in with the crowd or take a few risks to make a difference and lead the way? I vote for more “Linchpins” and encouraging more of the latter.