The Value of Collaboration and Networks

Collaborative creativity is already proving to be a great success. The companies that remove the boundaries and adopt a more fluid creative mindset are the ones that are leading the future. Often competition is seen as the enemy, but this is old thinking. It’s different today and we have access to brilliant resources and ecosystems that have the potential to create and build new ideas.

The most powerful brands have collaborated to create products and services that matter and connect with people. Think Apple & Nike making technology and sportswear work together, and Stella McCartney bringing fashion to Adidas, Marc Newson bringing comfort and style to the interiors of Qantas airplanes. Brand collaborations are not new, but they’re a growing trend and the collaborations are getting bigger, and for good reason. The concept of a networked business has also been reported by McKinsey and research is showing that performances of such businesses are significantly improving. Fast Company wrote about The Money Network in April 2011.

FastCo Design: Info Graphic of the Day: The Money Network

Strategist Nick Keppel-Palmer has just written a piece for Fast Company on the principle of companies collaborating to create the future and believes “the most impactful brands have embraced collaboration as an operating principle”.

The same principle applies to design businesses. The concept of creative collaboration and networks can provide greater value to clients. Rather than taking a defensive competitive position, one of each to their own, the mindset needs to shift to one of creating the best value and working efficiently to deliver remarkable ideas that matter and connect with people.

No matter what business you’re in, will you be embracing the power of networks and collaborations to create greater value and remarkable ideas?