Backwards before forwards

How often do you step back to observe the bigger picture?

Often in our haste to keep moving forward, we skip an insightful step back to notice the whole picture. Making time to do this puts things into perspective, maybe even changes it, so that you can move forward more informed and inspired into the vast environment in which you already exist or wish to move into.

We must frequently take steps back to move intelligently forward.

Are You Noticing?

As we shuffled through the crowds that swarmed the Van Gogh And The Seasons Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria a few days ago, two things struck me.

Firstly, how the masses flock to see the work of a world famous artist, whether its to their taste or not, to experience this story in both words and images, and then tell their own story of ‘being there’.

And then I wondered whether people were truly ‘being there’ in the moment. Were they really noticing the beauty of the artwork… the subject, story, meaning, composition, mood, brushstrokes, colours, shades, layers, patterns, textures and techniques?

Often we are too busy clicking a button to ‘capture moments’ on the surface, that we actually miss the beauty within the moments.

I wonder how much more we would notice and how much deeper our stories would go, if we truly and fully experienced the moment?



Create Your Break

Kit Kat Studio

How would you like yours?

White, milk or dark… with salted pretzels, pink rose petals, golden honeycomb, caramelized meringue, salted caramel popcorn, crushed walnuts… choose three ingredients from a menu of seventeen, then personalize your packaging, wait for your handmade creation to be ready, and off you go to enjoy your break.

Kit Kat Studio

The Kit Kat Studio arrived in Melbourne today (Melbourne Central), launched by “Punk Princess of Pastry” chef Anna Polyviou and offering “create your break” tailor-made experiences in celebration of the brand’s 80th birthday.

Kit Kat Studio

Kit Kat Studio

It’s a great way for a brand to attract, connect and engage people to create to their taste,  and give them a memorable experience.

I didn’t get the break but I left with the goods, thanks Kit Kat.



Creating Smiles in Communities

A smile is powerful, whether its something or somebody that makes you smile, it has the ability to transform moods and behavior for the better. So why not encourage more smiles?

Smiles per Hour project, Melbourne, Australia

The Smiles per Hour project has been adopted by seven neighborhoods around Melbourne, Australia. The idea was created following research highlighting that locals wanted a friendlier and more connected neighborhood. A ‘Smile Spy’ walks a stretch of the street and counts the people who smile at them. Each neighborhood is then given a rating and this is documented on a graph to monitor annual performance. Its purpose is to encourage a friendlier local culture.

I wonder whether this idea would work in the neighborhoods of New York City, or would people think you’re weird or hitting on them? Regardless, we need to encourage and see more smiles, whether it’s through the work we do, what we create or how we behave, because smiling matters and connects people.