“I Created This”

How many times have you reached the end of a project and proudly announced “I Created This”? Of course, if it was a collective effort, “We Created This” would be more appropriate.

There are so many missed creative opportunities due to a numbing fear of doing something different and putting yourself ‘out there’. Yet if you anticipate the finish line and subsequent pride in saying “I Created This”, your creativity will undoubtedly shift gears from the outset, and along the way, as you persist and challenge yourself to create your best. Be brave and own your path to creative glory.Being brave with creativity can be scary, but it’s supposed to be. Aren’t brave ideas the more interesting challenge (and most talked about), versus playing it safe and doing yet more of the expected (blending in with the others) ? We need more brave creative thinkers to disrupt mediocrity, to surprise and entertain us, to rise to the challenge and lead change.

The next time you’re faced with a creative challenge, if you were to create something that represents you at your very best, with freedom to explore new possibilities… think ahead about the moment when you’re standing tall and proudly telling the world “I Created This” before you put pencil to paper. Then go create it. The more you hesitate, or the more excuses you find, the less creative you’ll be, and that’s just a waste of talent.

The Art of Creative Connectivity

It’s pointless creating something that doesn’t connect with people, but creativity that connects, with impact, isn’t easy. It’s an art.

Those that push beyond the ‘comfort zone’ and the ‘competitive landscape’ will create the future through ideas that connect with people. Uncertainty is good for creating connectivity. It means what you’re doing is worth creating, because it requires leaning into the unfamiliar and beyond mediocrity. Look forward, rather than sideways, and enjoy the journey from creating the expected to the extraordinary.

We’re surrounded by so much visual noise and the world is changing at lightening speed. Putting bold creativity into the world may seem scary but the fearless will be the ones to make a difference in a way that connects and matters to people. Would you rather be noticed and loved or average and ignored?