Obsessed by Design

Every time I see an Airstream my heart races.


Its design is distinctive, retro, shiny… equipped with all the modern technology, within the smallest of spaces, customizable, movable… a space to live, work, play… and inspires adventures by land.

Airstreams are not for everyone, but that’s what makes them so desirable. You’re buying into an exclusiveness that appeals to a certain crowd. Much like Harley Davidson. Not everyone owns one, or wants one, but these brands give people a sense of belonging, identity, community and experiences for enjoying life.

People are obsessed by design and brands that make a difference.

Image: Airstream

The Possibilities of Persistence

Some of the greatest works of art don’t just miraculously happen. It can take time for ideas to form and develop. The creative process today is often confined by speed. There’s too much of a hurry to get to market, as cheaply as possible. But creative persistence is vital, sticking with an idea, or giving up if it doesn’t feel right, and constantly improving what intuitively feels right to find the very best and most remarkable.

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