Creating Unity Through Diversity

We are surrounded by diversity, no matter where you look, whether it’s the world, united nations, a commonwealth, country, city, university, performance, talented individuals… The art is in leading diversity to create unity.

There have been many events in Great Britain over the past few days celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, specifically creative performances that have united diverse groups, including a country.

The Diamond Jubilee Concert (photo above: BBC) featured a diverse range of performers, across all generations, that took to a spectacular stage built right in front of Buckingham Palace around the Queen Victoria Memorial. The British band Madness performed “Our House” on the roof of the palace which was creatively transformed with a projection of a typical London street and a giant red bus motoring by. Check it out here. It was all brilliant entertainment and a performance only made possible by a diverse group of creative talent, whether on the stage or behind the scenes, and leaders orchestrating diversity into perfection.

During the Jubilee celebrations a graffiti tribute was created by four professional graffiti artists from Positive Arts and six students from Lambeth College to create a 1980’s inspired street art masterpiece. A ‘pop-up art school’ was also created for sixty artists of all ages and abilities for one day only to pay tribute to sixty years of the Queen’s reign. The venue was then transformed into a gallery for public enjoyment.

When unity is created from diversity, a rainbow of creative talent, we experience something extraordinary. Whether it’s through a voice, instrument, spray can, paint brush, or other, or all, we need more talented people that can lead diversity and create unity.

Businesses wanting to be more creative need to look inside as well as outside, and beyond, to find and gather unique creative talent and then lead, encourage and create remarkable art and experiences.