Obsessed by Design

Every time I see an Airstream my heart races.


Its design is distinctive, retro, shiny… equipped with all the modern technology, within the smallest of spaces, customizable, movable… a space to live, work, play… and inspires adventures by land.

Airstreams are not for everyone, but that’s what makes them so desirable. You’re buying into an exclusiveness that appeals to a certain crowd. Much like Harley Davidson. Not everyone owns one, or wants one, but these brands give people a sense of belonging, identity, community and experiences for enjoying life.

People are obsessed by design and brands that make a difference.

Image: Airstream

Feel The Comfort

Five simple things that create a truly comforting experience:

Log Fire
Apple Pie
Wood Cabin


Johnny Ripe, a produce driven bakery and eatery just outside Melbourne, prides itself on “simple and honest foods” being “one of the true joys in life” and they source many of their ingredients from their orchard and farm.


This place has queues of people waiting to be served at both the take-away counter and seated in the cosy eatery. People really feel the comfort; from the pies, the fire, the cabin-like interior, the warm, family vibe… it’s everywhere. And when it comes to the menu, the home-made offerings instill a belief and trust that what you’re eating is really honest and good.


It’s no surprise that it’s loved by the local community as well as attracting people from afar, because Johnny Ripe has created something you can’t get everywhere.

They’ve nailed ‘comfort’ and who doesn’t enjoy a big serving of that?

A Good Story

You can’t beat a good story, over a good coffee.

The St Kilda Dispensary does exactly that. As I cycled along Brighton Road in Melbourne it was hard to miss the external signage of this fascinating café. I was intrigued enough to ditch my bike, enter and explore.



After being greeted by the welcoming staff, my eyes were on overdrive trying to capture an abundance of cleverly selected words, objects, images, and of course, food and drink. This place was the original St Kilda Dispensary, steeped in history, and it instantly felt like a mini museum of learning and discovery.


The Dispensary-1

With a theme of all things medical, the interior captures an array of antiques, posters, dispensing items and first aid products. Whether you’re ordering a juice to ease your hangover, a cake to satisfy your sweet craving, or simply a good coffee, each experience is bang on theme.




Owner Kristy Andruszko has done a great job of finding a space, within an iconic building, that has inspired a great theme and interesting brand story, communicated seamlessly, that you believe in and want to experience.

That’s what people love.