This Is Shameful

During an afternoon stroll with my daughter, we came across a family of ducks with three little ducklings. It was the first time she’d ever seen the cute fluffy things darting around looking for food. The delight on her face was just gorgeous. Then my heart leapt into my throat as we glanced ahead to see these two shameful sightings. What are we doing? What kind of world are we bringing our children into? We are abusing nature.

If everyone took more responsibility and became more connected with nature and the world around us, noticed the impact of our actions upon our environment and the habitat of earth’s creatures, would we still behave this shamefully?

While we’re being fogged with an abundance of information and obsessed with technological advancements, we need to become more aware of, and more connected to, our natural habitat, the one big thing that gives us life – the air we breathe, the paths we walk and the little delights we love to see (if we’re not too consumed to notice them).

What are you doing to make a difference? 

A Great Brand Is Experienced

I was walking along Chapel Street in Prahran, Melbourne, yesterday and was drawn into this place. It’s the new Dan Murphy’s Cellar store, a notch above its mainstream existence. I was greeted by a gorgeous space, knowledgeable staff, wine tastings and a guided tour around the enviable cellar. I browsed the largest, curated, collection of wine I’ve ever seen, stopped to read, look, listen, taste… it was a very worthwhile diversion. And I departed with two purchases I wasn’t expecting to make that day.

“We invite you to experience a retail store like no other. The Dan Murphy’s Cellar contains one of the most comprehensive collections of rare, back vintage and hard-to-source Australian and International wines, with a focus on creating a home for Australian and International wine producers who are taking the wine industry into the next era.” Dan Murphy’s Cellar

It’s rare to find a brand experience where you don’t feel pounced upon and sold to, or visually bombarded with every message that fits. To find somewhere where you’re free to wander, explore and discover your own tastes, and with a little knowledge… make informed and unexpected purchases. 

A great brand is experienced.

Unexpectedly Refreshing

Upon walking into our local Bupa office, it became clear that they’ve really thought about the customer experience and expectation. 

It was a ‘space’ that felt good to be inside, an uplifting and efficient twenty minutes. We entered with a functional mindset and left feeling more delighted than expected. 

I like this as an example of how you can transform people’s expectations. In this case, from an anticipated to be mundane process into something more pleasant and even enjoyable. 

People want to be pleasantly surprised.



I’m walking to a meeting and have just seen this sign. It’s nothing remarkable. It’s just thoughtful. I didn’t need to divert to either, but I did stop to think and take this photo.

Sometimes our needs and emotions ‘in the moment’ can cloud our ability to think straight. Someone was thoughtful enough to go one step further, to reassure and guide us swiftly towards our destination.

Often the small things make a difference.

What Do You See?

What you want people to see and what they actually see, may be very different.

Whether you’re looking at a masterpiece, a business, a place, a person… how people perceive things varies considerably. You can leave them to their own visual interpretation, let them create their own narrative, or you can serve it to them on a silver platter with precise words, perfect images and very little room for interpretation.

Either way, people will take what’s useful, relevant and appealing, and leave what’s not. Their imagination may fill the gaps, or may not. You can’t predict human behavior, but if you take time to discover and understand what people really care about, you’re off to a good start.

Create what’s useful, relevant and appealing – for the people you want to engage with.

Photo by Rochelle Martyn.

The Impactful Details

It’s often the little touches that create the most impact.

Whether you’re openly sharing your product outside your store; completing the sale with a quick spritz of fragrance inside the cloth bag that houses a purchase; providing a space and experience that makes people feel uplifted after they’ve left… it’s the little details that create the lasting impact.

People that appreciate what you do will always find you, talk about you, share with others, and remember you for the impact you have on them.

Photo taken by Rochelle at various Aesop stores in London.

Creating The Remarkable

What kind of business attracts people willing to stand outside, and around the corner, sometimes for hours, in all weathers, to buy their product?


A business run by people that know how to create something remarkable. They care about what people enjoy and what’s missing, and are so proud of their product they want people to see how it’s made. Lune Croissanterie is a ‘one of a kind’ croissanterie for all those reasons and many more…


“Making a croissant takes patience and time. It demands a commitment to a high level of detail. It requires physical hard work. Refinement, improvement and innovation must be at the forefront of ones mind constantly, to push a baker to never accept complacency, and strive always for a better product”


The people that enjoy the anticipation of sinking their teeth into one of these remarkable croissants are the people that have an appreciation of the skill and effort that goes into making them, plus… the taste experience, the creators, and the high demand.

On the other hand, some people complain about the wait, finding it highly annoying that they have to wait so long. But they have a choice. They can get an average croissant immediately anywhere.

When people line up around the corner of the Apple store in anticipation of the latest product launch, they do it willingly knowing they’ll have to wait for something remarkable.

Appealing to everyone isn’t what attracts the right people. The ones who rock up, no matter what, are the people that appreciate the whole experience they’re getting. And regardless of the wait, they’ll consistently get the best product and service in return*.

People will travel far and wait patiently if you create something remarkable.

* Things fall apart when high demand diminishes the product and service.

Images: Rochelle Martyn