Rochelle has partnered with many brilliant entrepreneurial thinkers and helped launch a wealth of great ideas into the world. Encouraging creativity to make a difference, and bringing ideas to life, is what she lives and breathes.

The motivation for this blog has also been inspired by many visionary thinkers that Rochelle has admired and followed over the years. Having listened to their ideas and perspectives through conversations, columns, blogs, podcasts, books and talks, Rochelle felt it was time to give back and add her design business expertise and opinions to the mix to help inspire others to make a difference.

“There has been a lot of discussion around education and how we can do more to integrate creativity into schools and businesses. Seth Godin’s inspiring manifesto “Stop Stealing Dreams” states that while the economy has changed, and the world is fast changing around us, education hasn’t. The same goes for businesses. We need to encourage creativity to lead change.”