A Great Brand Is Experienced

I was walking along Chapel Street in Prahran, Melbourne, yesterday and was drawn into this place. It’s the new Dan Murphy’s Cellar store, a notch above its mainstream existence. I was greeted by a gorgeous space, knowledgeable staff, wine tastings and a guided tour around the enviable cellar. I browsed the largest, curated, collection of wine I’ve ever seen, stopped to read, look, listen, taste… it was a very worthwhile diversion. And I departed with two purchases I wasn’t expecting to make that day.

“We invite you to experience a retail store like no other. The Dan Murphy’s Cellar contains one of the most comprehensive collections of rare, back vintage and hard-to-source Australian and International wines, with a focus on creating a home for Australian and International wine producers who are taking the wine industry into the next era.” Dan Murphy’s Cellar

It’s rare to find a brand experience where you don’t feel pounced upon and sold to, or visually bombarded with every message that fits. To find somewhere where you’re free to wander, explore and discover your own tastes, and with a little knowledge… make informed and unexpected purchases. 

A great brand is experienced.