Creating The Remarkable

What kind of business attracts people willing to stand outside, and around the corner, sometimes for hours, in all weathers, to buy their product?


A business run by people that know how to create something remarkable. They care about what people enjoy and what’s missing, and are so proud of their product they want people to see how it’s made. Lune Croissanterie is a ‘one of a kind’ croissanterie for all those reasons and many more…


“Making a croissant takes patience and time. It demands a commitment to a high level of detail. It requires physical hard work. Refinement, improvement and innovation must be at the forefront of ones mind constantly, to push a baker to never accept complacency, and strive always for a better product”


The people that enjoy the anticipation of sinking their teeth into one of these remarkable croissants are the people that have an appreciation of the skill and effort that goes into making them, plus… the taste experience, the creators, and the high demand.

On the other hand, some people complain about the wait, finding it highly annoying that they have to wait so long. But they have a choice. They can get an average croissant immediately anywhere.

When people line up around the corner of the Apple store in anticipation of the latest product launch, they do it willingly knowing they’ll have to wait for something remarkable.

Appealing to everyone isn’t what attracts the right people. The ones who rock up, no matter what, are the people that appreciate the whole experience they’re getting. And regardless of the wait, they’ll consistently get the best product and service in return*.

People will travel far and wait patiently if you create something remarkable.

* Things fall apart when high demand diminishes the product and service.

Images: Rochelle Martyn