Getting Over New Business

Many companies, and designers, are excellent at their craft, but struggle to communicate what they do in a way that entices people to buy. Whether you’re an individual or group, your existence depends on being able to do this.

There is a stimga around ‘selling’, but everyone has to do it these days. On the other side, nobody likes to be aggressively sold to either. It’s the way you ‘sell’ that makes a big difference. Whether you’re an independent designer or a company, you can create the best looking stuff in the world, but you’re invisible unless you get your work noticed. Everyone has a role to play in championing their best work, contributing towards building a powerful profile and enviable reputation in the industry.

Before anything else, you need the right attitude towards ‘selling’ (or new business, business development…). You need to begin by defining and articulating your story and point of difference. Don’t waste anyone’s time until you’ve grasped this yourself.

Then connect with potential clients that have demonstrated a history of buying world class creativity. Look for companies that are struggling with real problems and demonstrate how you’ve solved similar problems before.

If you’re new and haven’t yet gathered case studies, provide them with a perspective on their problem (without solving it for free). Look for potential clients that respect what you do enough to pay a good fee for solving their problem, with your remarkable creativity.

If you value what you do, never seek to just be the cheapest. It’s a spiraling downward journey for you and your competition. Aim to deliver something valuable through ideas that spark interest, challenge and change the game.

Because that’s the stuff we need and is worth paying for.

Make yourself and your ideas visible and valuable and get over the stigma of ‘selling’ – redefine it yourself, make it work, and lead the way.

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