Encouraging Different Conversations

Being forever curious about all things new, I recently booked myself into The School of Life Melbourne which opened in March this year. I signed up to the “How to Have Better Conversations” class and took my fiancée along too. I was just curious. The classes are designed to give useful insights around big themes in life, such as “How To Make a Difference”, “How To Realize Your Potential”, “How To Be Creative”, and heaps more.BLOG-CONVERSATIONS.001During class, Theodore Zeldin’s name came up a lot, amongst many others, expressing views on how to have better conversations. Intrigued to know more, I researched further and this quote struck a chord:

“I particularly value conversations which are meetings on the borderline of what I understandand what I don’t, with people who are different from myself.” Theodore Zeldin

How often do we seek to meet, or hang out with, people that are very different from us? Those who may make us feel a little uncomfortable or intimidated because they know something we don’t? We’re often too set in our ways and naturally gravitate towards comfort zones, and resist the unknown or difference. But if we do this too often, how can we possibly learn, be inspired, explore new thinking and be more creative? And essentially become more interesting.

Next time you’re talking to someone and you want to escape, try a little experiment… stick with it and learn something new.

Check out the events program at The School of Life in your city.

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