The Power of Cultural Icons

The iconic Stokehouse restaurant in St. Kilda, Melbourne, burned to the ground in January. It caused an outpouring of public grief. The popular summer location with its stunning views and buzzing atmosphere immediately picked itself and opened a pop up version just weeks later in time for Valentine’s Day. The public is now being invited to input on the future of this local icon by participating in the selection of one of three architectural designs for the new building.

BLOG-ICONS.001The Stokehouse has become such a popular local brand and cultural icon. When struck by disaster, the local community felt the pain too. The business responded fast and got back on its feet with a temporary solution that enabled everyone to continue enjoying what they had grown to love.

How many brands matter this much to people? Would they be missed if they disappeared tomorrow? Would they instantly bounce back, and with so much public support?

When we are bombarded by endless products, that have very little difference, brands that matter most to people are the ones that form the cultural fabric of life. They have the people behind them to support them through adversity.

That’s a cultural following worth creating.

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