The Art of Subjectivity

Two artists, Edgar Degas and Nick Walker, couldn’t be more opposite. One is one of the founders of Impressionism, the other is one of the world’s best known street artists.


Both of these artists and the desirability of their work is subjective. One isn’t better than the other. They’re completely different subjects and styles and tell a very different story. One has a simplicity with a sense of humour or irony, and the other is beautifully detailed with a sense of serenity. Art is a form of self expression and its subjectivity and stories are often open to the  interpretation and personal tastes of the audience or buyer. There’s plenty of scope for imagination.

When it comes to designing brands, minimizing subjectivity creates greater success. Being focused with your idea and story, leaving little room for the imagination, will help sell your design. Gathering the right information and insights to inform the creative process, and then using these facts to support your ideas with robust rationales, will provide a watertight pitch. It’s a double win. Insight to inspire ideas, insight to rationalize them.

Minimizing subjectivity is an art.

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