2013 Make a Difference – Projects not Resolutions

We begin the new year making lists of guilt ridden resolutions, but what if you challenged yourself to make a real difference through meaningful projects?

Eat better, drink less, exercise more… yawn… these are all things we should be doing to look after ourselves anyway. The decisions that involve making a real difference are often those that take us out of our comfort zone and involve risk taking. The fear ridden thought of “this may not work” is often linked to the things most worth doing, yet they paralyze and prevent us from making positive changes. It’s up to you to design your own future (starting with the year ahead). If you don’t step forward onto a different path and begin to navigate your way forward, how will you ever know where, and how far, you can go?

Monocle-Do It Yourself

A recent Monocle article “Do It Yourself” showcases five stories of entrepreneurs who “…went against the tide of conformity and followed their instinct to stick their necks out and try something different”. Interviews cover how to build a thriving community from scratch; how to inject life into a city centre; how to start your own cottage industry and grow it into a business; how to build a retail brand and how to package a product that sings on shelf. They aren’t stories of following spreadsheets or design by committee “…but rather common sense, skill, hard work and responding to human behavior”. They highlight the reward of risk taking and pursuing ambitions.

‘Resolutions’ should turn into ‘projects’ so that we shift our mindset from the dull and inevitable annual repeats, to more inspiring and meaningful experiences that will challenge us to take risks, learn, grow and design a better future.

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