Wanderful Inspiration

You can’t beat a good wander to observe what’s going on in the real world for inspiration and then expressing this in your own unique style.

Badaude (real name, Joanna Walsh) records her wanderings, sightings and overheard conversations as engaging sketches. “Badaude” is her feminised take on a French word that loosely translates to ‘flaneur’, a person who likes walking around looking at things. She’s an artist-writer that likes to travel and explore cities, beyond her base in Oxford, England, to experience the unfamiliar and unexpected. Badaude has drawn and written for many publications including London Walks for The Guardian, a hand-drawn guide to exploring the city on foot through illustrations focused on the distinctive architecture and quirky observations about its inhabitants.

Joanna Walsh was recently an Artist in Residence at the Melbourne Writers Festival and shared her experience of Melbourne in an interview here. She describes the city as “a hybrid of London and New York” and captured her observations through illustrations.

Gazing into computer screens in search of inspiration doesn’t provide you with the cultural diversity and random sightings you experience while wandering around in the real world. As everyone sees things in different ways, the most interesting work reflects an individuals unique sightings and style of creative expression. Step away from the computer!

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