The Most Influential

Jonathan Ive, Apple’s senior vice-president of industrial design, has just formally received a British knighthood at Buckingham Palace. His product design for the iPod, iPhone and iPad have been a huge successes, bringing us products we never knew we needed, new categories and designs that change the way we interact with technology.

Image source: The Telegraph interview

In his interview with The TelegraphIve talks about simplicity and design…”Design is a word that’s come to mean so much that it’s also a word that has come to mean nothing. We don’t really talk about design, we talk about developing ideas and making products” and then Ive goes on to say “Simplicity is not the absence of clutter, that’s a consequence of simplicity,” he says. “Simplicity is somehow essentially describing the purpose and place of an object and product. The absence of clutter is just a clutter-free product. That’s not simple. The quest for simplicity has to pervade every part of the process. It really is fundamental.”

Most people will remember the You Tube video that walks through how Microsoft might package an Apple product. As designers we all thought it was hilarious because it struck a chord as many companies approach design in this way. We all aspire to having more Apple design thinkers in the world, focusing on remarkable ideas, simplicity and perfection. We need more creatives with bold ideas to bring them to life and lead change.

Jonathan Ive may well be the most influential designer in the world today, would you agree?

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